Lunaria Teja 100x100 Scarf


Made in Spain

100% Natural Silk

Inspired by art and nature

For any occasion

100% free shipping (SPAIN)

Bandana gift in autumn shawls and beautiful brooch in spring shawls

Shawl delivery in 20 calendar days

Handkerchief delivery in 15 calendar days. More info on Whatsapp

This attractive print is very special. Lunaria's name is for the main subject of the drawing; It is a flower whose fruit is presented in the shape of a circle or oval that resembles a pearly moon of great beauty.

Holm oak branches and little birds perched on them complete the design.  

We recommend this scarf for autumn since both the colors and the theme of the drawing are reminiscent of that season. 

Get a hat, a cap, a beret ... and do not hesitate, you will feel wonderful and elegant like nobody else. And look at how the mini scarf is rolled up in the bag, it's very simple: you center it in the center of the handles and then each end is rolled in one direction, until the end, then you make a knot or put some on it. pins so it doesn't fall off; always careful not to spoil the silk.

Scarf Features:

  • 100% high quality silk twill.
  • Measurements: 100x100 cm.
  • Hand-sewn with roll system.
  • Surprise gift of a double-sided mini scarf with the same pattern of 14x100 cm, to use as a scrunchie, headband, to put in the bag, as a bowtie ... you will love it.


We want to inform you that if you dare to buy a scarf in Altermanila, you will receive it, along with the gift scarf, in a beautiful custom-made box, especially for its care and conservation.

Tips for use and care:

  • Wash it in warm water or dry and iron it at medium heat without marking it.
  • Store it in the box inside the tissue paper.

Delivery times and costs:

  • Delivery term: 10/15 days. 
  • Shipping costs :
    • Included for Spain (peninsula).
    • Europe, Latin America and USA: € 29.
    • Canary Islands: € 47 (including DUA).
    • Australia: € 35

Your shawl will be stamped, prepared and packaged in our warehouse in Barcelona. and you will receive it in a maximum of 20 calendar days from the purchase process. If you are in a hurry, write to us at and we will see what we can do so that it arrives before.

Shipping is completely free

Make sure you have ordered the correct design and color, as we are not responsible if you have ordered the wrong design or color.

However, if there is an error on our part, please contact us at the address for an exchange or return.


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